Always and Forever
Always and Forever
Always and Forever

Always and Forever

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Special notes: This painting was selected to exhibit at the Salon 48 group show in Phoenix (Spring '21).


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Always + Forever

Dimensions in inches: 48 W x 36 H x 2.5 D

A thousand lifetimes could pass me by and the sun would never rise without you on my mind. -- Erin Matlock, Pg. 126, Worth It

I am fascinated by eternal love...a knowing of another soul across lifetimes.

This work is part of my Reflection series and continues my investigation into the relationship between sculpture and painting.

Composed of mica infused paint, the true range of colors is only revealed when the viewer moves across the position of the painting.

36” by 48” Acrylic on canvas. Mica infused paint. Recycled, crushed glass.

This work has deep (2.5in) painted sides which gives it a sculptural feel. Depending on your light source and viewing angle, the painting will shift from a warm red theme to one of magentas and fuchsia highlights.